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Reflecting back to last year

a TTC success story

May 27, 2016, it was a Friday and I felt off and even felt weird the day before, but just assumed it was my new workout routine. I remember helping a coworker get something in the storage attic and getting dizzy for no apparent reason. I ignored it, but still throughout the day things were just weird. It hit me sometime in the afternoon "hey you might be pregnant." Listen, I thought that I was pregnant every month for over a year and never was, so again I tried to ignore the odd symptoms I was having. Well that's easier said than done when you hang on to any glimmer of hope that you could finally be pregnant. I left work and picked up a test. Once I got home I had about 5 minutes to go home, take the test, let my dog out, and make it to my nephews baseball game. 

IT HAPPENED! I got that ever so wanted second line! "OMG," I said over and over again as tears filled my eyes. My dog thought I was nuts! I didn't have time to really let it hit me, because I had to rush to my nephews game. I remember standing at that baseball game next to my mom and brother just trying not to spill the beans. I WAS SO EXCITED! I kept thinking to myself it was all in my head. I had taken a picture of the test and would keep looking at it throughout the game. IT WAS REALLY THERE! Now I had to come up with a way to tell my husband. See this month I never even told him I thought I might be pregnant like I had for every month prior, and well I really didn't have any clear "symptoms." In fact I had more pregnancy symptoms all the other months, than I did when I was actually pregnant! 

Telling my husband

I knew he'd want to see the word pregnant or yes on a test rather than just a line, so I left the game and went right to Walmart to pick up a digital test, some plastic baby blocks, and an anniversary card as our anniversary was only 4 days away. My husband beat me home, so I had to sneak into the bathroom with all the goodies! Seeing the word YES come up on that little screen, ahhhhh that feeling! I put the baby blocks and test into a gift bag, filled out the card, and headed to the kitchen where he was. He read the card...I had put a hint in the card, but he didn't get it. MEN! He took out the blocks first and looked confused! I had already started crying, so by the time he picked up the tests I was a blubbering mess! He just seemed shocked and he didn't say much, he just hugged me, but that's all I needed.

That feeling of pure joy, I'll never forget it! 

That journey was so hard and I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy. I was lucky, so very lucky. The average couple takes 12 months to conceive. Yes, it took me almost 18 months, but I didn't have to have any medical interventions. There are ladies out there taking awful pills that make you sick, injecting themselves with hormones, and going through so much pain just to get those two lines. I feel for them! I'm lucky because I was able to carry a child, unlike some who will never get that opportunity. 

I write this on May 24th while my precious 4.5 month old is asleep on the nursing pillow in my lap. Of course I am tearing up thinking about that day and looking at his precious face now. I am thankful, so thankful for this precious baby boy. 

I love you Carson! 

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this, Stephanie. Carson is such an adorable little boy! Aunt Linda loves him.


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