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My 1st Mothers Day!

after TTC

Words can't even describe how absolutely excited I am for my first Mother's Day. After spending the last two Mothers Days feeling sad and defeated, because I still hadn't received a positive pregnancy test, I'm just happy to be able to hug my 4 month old! I never thought that the holiday would mean so much to me personally. Of course it was always special to celebrate with my own mother, but there is just something about actually being a mother that makes it so awesome. Maybe it's because I understand how it feels to be a mother now. The feeling of unconditional love and the enjoyment of seeing your child grow and learn. It makes me appreciate my own mother more!

Last year on Mother's Day, I spent it alone! My mother and father went to Niagara Falls to celebrate, so I didn't have any plans. I went and got my hair cut! I felt I needed to be pampered, so that's what I did! I remember sitting in the chair at the salon holding back tears. I just really didn't think that I still wouldn't be pregnant! I knew that it took the average couple 12 months to get pregnant, but that 12 months had come and gone.

Why was this happening to me? That was a question I asked myself over and over. I'd like to think that everything in life is meant to teach you a lesson and I needed to learn patience. I'm someone who when they want something, they want it yesterday. Just ask my husband! I also needed to learn to understand the process. My friend had also struggled to conceive and I will be completely honest, I didn't understand why she was so stressed and obsessed about it. I realized about 3-6 months into my journey why she was, and I knew that I needed to be more supportive of her instead of asking the annoying question, "are you doing it right." Though I didn't ever mean any harm by this, I realized how hurtful that really could be. Also during my journey to conceive, I needed to learn how to truly be happy for others when they had everything I wanted. Wow was it hard to see pregnancy announcements! At first I was mad and sad when I would see one on Facebook , but overtime I realized that I had no clue how much that women had to go through to become pregnant. You truly don't know someones story and life should always be celebrated whether it took her one month to get pregnant or 1 year.

So there I was sitting in the salon chair going through my check list. I learned to be patient, accept the process, and to be truly happy for others! So now what? Well little did I know that 23 days later on May 27, 2016  I would get that positive test and be the happiest person in the world at that moment, but that's a story for another day. Read story here!

Mothers Day 2017, my first Mother's Day is going to be a wonderful day! I have my little boy to be grateful for! He is so precious to me and I'm so happy to be his mother!

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there! I hope your day is amazing and filled with wonderful memories!

Note: I'm not an grammar pro, so I apologize for any mistakes! I will get better, I promise!


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